Sovereign Protection Group

Property Management

Sovereign Protection Group Limited was formed to provide property management services to clients that want to do business, live, work or play in a safe and professional setting free from daily environmental concerns. We are there to provide peace of mind to all tenants, owners, investors, workers and visitors each time they enter our facilities.

Our multilingual, multinational team consists of professionals with decades of experience in building management, construction, business, government, real estate, safety and personnel management.

At Sovereign Protection Group Limited, our client's peace of mind is our primary objective. Sovereign Protection Group Limited provides property management services for clients at locations such as but not limited to buildings under construction, warehouses, factories, industrial sites, office buildings, residential buildings, retail spaces and much more. We can customize specific solutions for all clients and all locations.

There are no holidays, weekends or after-hours at our company, as all our personnel are working all year, at all times of the day to service our clients. See Contact Us.