1) Cleaning and Hygiene

We maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygienic environments comes naturally at our managed properties. Our managers work closely with and constantly monitor the performance of the appointed staff.

2) Property Upkeep and Preventive Maintenance

We understand that quality, reliable repair and maintenance are crucial to protect the long-term value of our managed properties.

An effective preventive maintenance plan is the best way to reduce maintenance costs, maximize the life cycle of plant and equipment and ensure compliance with relevant safety and environmental regulations. That is why we are so particular with our maintenance and repair approach, to minimize any interruptions to our buildings’ services. Significant investments have been made in state-of-the-art technology for the implementation of preventive maintenance programs, which include the following:

  • General Building Maintenance
  • Central Air-conditioning & Ventilation Systems
  • Fire Services Systems
  • Plumbing and Drainage
  • Electrical Systems
  • Lift Systems
  • Escalator Systems
  • 3) Financial Management

    We constantly demonstrate our commitment to maintaining professional level of integrity and transparency in financial management and control. We take our responsibility for financial arrangements and keeping proper books and records of all incomes and expenditures in a very cautious manner.

    It is our aim to apply the strictest cost control measures, without undermining the quality of services provided. We compile annual management budgets, in which all critical items such as regular operating incomes / expenditures and CAPEX from major renovation works are estimated and elaborated in a comprehensive manner.

    We prepare monthly financial statements with variances comparison between the budgeted and actual figures of income expenditure being clearly explained, so that our clients always have a clear picture about the financial situation of their properties. Our analysis also allows for long-term financial planning, to ensure a healthy development. External auditors are appointed to perform statutory audits on all building accounts.

    4) Tenancy Administration

    Our well established property management system is widely used in all properties and also applies to tenancy administration functions. The system is comprehensive, integrated and fully computerized and systematically assists us in all tenancy administration. The key areas are:

  • Handover of Premises
  • Fitting-Out Vetting
  • Supervision of Renovation Works
  • Billing & Collection of Rentals
  • Recovering of Outstanding Rentals & Other Charges
  • Taking of Legal Actions
  • Supervision of Reinstatement Works
  • Takeover of Premises
  • Vacant Unit / Shop Decoration and Plan for Landlord’s
  • Provision
  • 5) Value Added Administration

    We encourage a culture of continuous learning and fully understand the importance of self-improvement by innovation and realization. The unique and tailor-made approach of our service packages is very important to our clients in this competitive market environment.

    In this regard, we have introduced our value-added services to serve our clients by going the extra mile.

    Hearty Services – Basic and useful services such as providing first aid kits, local fax and photocopying.

    Enquiry Services – Offer general enquiries and updated news, such as weather reports and public announcements.

    Assistant Services – Personal assistance such as ordering flower bouquets or arranging limousine.

    Repair Services – Minor repair services such as changing of light bulbs or checking electrical systems.

    Tools Back-up Services – A tools cabinet to carryout daily repairs is available to our customers in need.

    6) Project Management

    As the manager of the properties, we are fully aware of the condition of the building facilities and the expectations of our customers. As such, we constantly plan and review a series of improvement works for our managed properties on a yearly basis, in order to achieve cost effectiveness and to protect against any aging problems of our properties.