Properties We Service

1) Offices

Keeping your office spaces clean and safe is extremely important for doing business. Our personnel have a vital role in the maintenance of offices. We help to protect office spaces against leaks, fire, pests and other damages with the help of equipment such as fire services systems, video monitoring cameras, computer security software, but most importantly, our property management personnel.

2) Industrial

We provide property management services for industrial buildings and complexes, namely serving import/export trading companies, wholesalers, manufacturers and freight forwarders. We are essential to upholding the working processes of industrial raw materials, resources, and finished goods.

3) Residential

Trained, professional and experienced property management staff for maintaining and protecting the premises. We deliver staff who are well trained in preventing infractions of rules. They are the first friendly face visitors and tenants see when they enter the premesis. We service properties from entire occupied residential complexes to vacant investment properties owned by homeowners living overseas.

4) Retail

The enjoyment of shoppers are essential in retail. In addition to our routine responsibilities, we go above and beyond our usual duties by offering services such as waste management, scheduling of deliveries, and reservation of space for shipments. This way, retail tenants can focus on what they do best - selling consumer goods and providing great shopping experiences.